Is Your Retirement Funds Making Climate Change Worse?

An interactive article that uses compelling data visualisations to inform and encourage people to invest sustainably.  

Project Role
Design Director, Visual Concept, Motion



Sketch, Illustrator, After Effects

Sustainable investing

By removing the biggest carbon emitters from the S&P 500 you would actually end up not only saving the planet, but also make greater investment returns (*counting 2005 - 2019). Me and my team got the exciting opportunity to create this interactive using Refinitiv’s data to spread awareness and educate people how they can do good and invest sustainably.



Each dot in the visualization represents one company in the S&P 500. As the reader scrolls through the content, the data visualization animates along and takes various shapes to demonstrate the changes in data. We developed icons for categorization, and developed a color palette that complemented Refinitiv’s brand-blue.

The calculator displays what your returns would have been since 2005 had you excluded the biggest carbon emitters.

Alex Liljebladh

Creative Direction
& Motion Design

My design approach is fast, scrappy, and iterative in the beginning phases of a project and I always finalize minutiously. I master plenty of real-time and collaborative tools in this era of remote work and can help my clients with Creative Direction, Concept Development, Pitch Decks and Pitching, Client Workshops, Graphic Design, UI Design, and Motion Design.