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I create intuitive, visual interactive experiences to make people feel connected and inspired. I aim to evoke a feeling, an idea, an experience or a memory that lasts.

I want to make design count. Staying open and curious, have a learn-for-life mindset and keeping up to date with the current state of the digital world are my mantras.

I focus on on-point visual communication, dynamic designs and storytelling to create products and experiences I believe in.

I challenge my mind, take seminars and courses, I discuss with other outstanding artists and I explore various creative processess and methods to operate in an innovative way.
The creative process and collaboration are both important aspects of my professional core. The experience I have from my education at Hyper Island, running a studio, attending mentorship programs and self-development courses have brought me the privilege to hold workshops at schools like Parsons School of Design, Bergh’s School of Communication, Hyper Island and Chalmers University.

My knowledge in the area enables me to bring value into every collaboration, and deliver products of highest quality.
I love giving back to the creative community, and I’m a recurring assessor at the Digital Media and Motion Creative programmes at Hyper Island in Sweden.

I reside in New York and I am available for collaborations revolving Digital Design, Art Direction and Motion Design.





Brian Bowman
Design Director
Potion Design

Managed Alexandra on serveral projects

Alexandra is an outstanding design partner who is able to couple critical thinking with precise execution. While working at Trollbäck + Company, she helped on several projects ranging from front-end web design to motion design and cell animation. Challenging herself and those around her, she consistently exceeded expectations by providing ideas that were both unique and innovative solutions. Alex captures the best attributes as a visual designer by being thoughtful, hard-working and thorough.

Solvita Akmene
Global Communication Strategist

A client of Alexandra’s

On behalf of Oriflame Cosmetics S. A. team I would like to thank Alexandra Liljebladh for the fantastic work done during our cooperation. Together with Alexandra we have created outstanding video content that has helped to launch our new products successfully and generate great sales results. We worked together for over a year and during this time she continuously proved her exemplary creativity and leadership skills. Alexandra is quick, when it comes to establishing an efficient and creative work processes and able to deliver high quality results under tight deadlines. Project management goes hand in hand with flexibility, “I-can-do” attitude and solid creative ideas. It has been a great experience to work together with so dedicated person as Alexandra. I would like to recommend her to anyone, who is seeking for a cooperation that results in a highly qualitative creative work taken care of in professional manner.

Arvid Rydberg
Motion Designer

Managed by Alexandra at Vidory

I’ve had the chance to work with Alexandra in her role as a Art Director at Vidory Production Company. Alexandra is always impressing with her ability to guide the clients in the right direction.  By being straight forward, honest and just in general likeable person she builds professional and strong relationships with her clients. During times of heavy workload she’s always retained a positive and calm attitude, and quickly managed to find ways of solving various problems. Skills like good prioritization and planning ahead make her able to deliver high quality products while also helping her colleagues out. It has been a pleasure to work together with Alexandra, and I can strongly recommend her to any team.

Björn Olsson
Programme Leader
Chalmers University

Brought Alexandra in for a lecture at Chalmers

Alexandra is a very charismatic public speaker that I had the pleasure of engaging as a guest lecturer. She possess the rare ability to be skilled at what she does AND being able to communicate and share those skills so that others can benefit from her knowledge.

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